YogaShoot-2-7100-DSC_0216Our lives are busy and hectic, and it can be challenging to find the space to slow down. Yoga creates a space where we can take a pause, focus on ourselves, and find a little extra balance to help us enjoy the present moment and feel better. I started yoga in my early twenties when a work colleague encouraged me to go to a class. That first class marked a turning point because not only did I feel so much better physically, but I came away with a feeling of stillness I had never experienced before. Over the years since that very first class I have never found anything else in life that gives me the feeling of stillness and well being that yoga does.

People come to yoga for many different reasons, often because of physical discomfort  or stress in their lives, and it is through yoga postures and focusing our attention on the breath that we can start to release the body and free our minds. Yoga is a tremendous tool to help us manage physical and emotional challenges and maximise our enjoyment of life.

You do not have to be flexible or fit to practise yoga and feel the benefits. Over the years  I have taught people of all ages and abilities in classes, one to one sessions and in tailormade workshops, and I see my work as a teacher is to enable everyone to find their own path through yoga that is fulfilling and fun, whatever your starting point.

Vivien_bw.jpgWelcome to Yoga for Life.

Vivien Hampson